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Problems with needle

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Problems with needle

Postby Gavintaylor » Sat Feb 21, 2015 1:27 am

And thanks for helping me.
I have attached my dashboard with the particular widgets I need. I have started on the first one, as you can see in the spreadsheet and have managed to link it all except for the needle reading the correct value.
Two things are confusing me. First I watched the tutorial U tube video where Brian explains how to link the widgets. This is fine except where he copies the My calculations block from the master the portion he copies does not look like the block that has been supplied on he master you sent after I purchased the license. Is this now updated and if so please explain exactly what to copy.
Second in the tutorial I can understand that the need X and Y values need to be changed to the correct tab and cells. I have done this but it must be wrong as the needle is still incorrect. Can you please check what I have done wrong. Also I can see how the X and Y values are changed but also in the string of the formula Brian changes another vale at the start of the string but it is not explained so I do not understand. It is right at the section where he says in the video "And now the needle moves to the correct value. this is about a minute before the end of the video.

Sorry for being so slow on the uptake
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Re: Problems with needle

Postby DashboardWidgets » Mon Feb 23, 2015 12:36 pm

Hi Gavin

We prepared a small video which should help you out.

If you have more questions, please feel free to get in touch.


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